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Closet shelves

January 30, 2010

I think closets say a lot about a person.  Not sure what mine says about me.


Wet fence

January 29, 2010

Not sure what kind of editing look I was going for.  Something wetter-looking.

It’s like I took a walk…

January 27, 2010

But I didn’t go outside.

Another question

January 26, 2010

What do my shoes say?  Anything?

The sun problem

January 24, 2010

Missed a day already 😦

Today I will take the opportunity to use this photo-of-the-day to ask a scientific question that has been bugging me lately.  I moved home 13 months ago to a very sunny room.  In the summertime the sun rises away to the left side of this photo.  This is a great arrangement, and I love summertime.  However, during the fall the sun moves from left to right across the window as the days get shorter, and when it rises above the blinds on sunny days I am woken up with sunlight full on my face.  Not only is it blinding, it is very hot.  I have also experienced quite a number of dreams where I can’t see, which I have put down to the number of days when I wake up and can’t see because the sun in shining directly into my face.

Now last January I had a break of 3-4 weeks in which the sun made it all the way to the right and out of my line of sight while I am lying in bed.  Then it slowly crept back to the left as summer approached again.

This year it lingered 1 pane to the right for 6-7 weeks, and now it is starting its journey back again.  Is this a rotation of the earth issue that the sun didn’t go so far south (south being the left side of the window)?  Is it a cyclical thing where some years the earth turns differently?  I would appreciate your thoughts, as though I’m not going to move my bed, I was at least looking forward to my month off and am confused as to why I didn’t get it.

Sample rejection letter

January 22, 2010

“Hi [me] – and thank you for your note and thank you for applying for the Receptionist position.

We actually did not make a decision till yesterday and it was a hard decision to make.  You had a great background but another person was chosenwho better fit the experience level [the executive assistant] was seeking.

You had wonderful references and we surely hope to have you working with us in the future as God opens the right position and in the meantime what a blessing you are to us and the [people I help] in your willingness to voluntarily help.   The [people I help were] very appreciate and spoke very highly of you as well.  God Bless and have a great weekend.”

I’m not bitter, just a bit upset. And sad.  Wish these came on paper, then I could paper my wall.


January 22, 2010

Cheese grits for lunch.  Not the greatest pre-interview lunch, but they were the only leftovers without mushrooms.

What else can I see from my bed

January 21, 2010

Once again it is after 11pm and I need a photo for the day.  My camera is on the floor within reach of my bed.  These are my parents’ videos.  My stuff is on the bottom three shelves.  The empty spaces are from where the videos were taken out recently to be transferred to dvds.  The door goes almost directly into the living room.

So much for high expectations

January 20, 2010

This is my brilliant first photo, subtitled “mopey and feeling sorry for myself.”  HR generously linked to me from her blog for this, and as it’s late and I’m tired and exceptionally grumpy, this is it.  First photo of the unofficial year.  It can only get better – right?

Still waiting

January 19, 2010

Yep.  Stressful day.  Unusually tired.  Packed crates all afternoon, wolfed down sushi at dinner, and then sold cds at night.  Hot showers are amazing.  Tomorrow I should know.

Perhaps waiting is like the in-between phase in cultures where people transition between children to being adults.  The rules are different, there is a different sort of bonding, and there is a ceremony to mark the passage to adulthood.  Sound kind of crazy, but I am definitely in-between, and not fully accepted into the adult club as an unemployed person.